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New Youtube Mix Promo for Next DBE Event

I’m adding some new content to my Youtube channel Jocelyn Dee Music

Visit my channel and please subscribe. When I get enough subscribers, I can get a customized link for my channel to make it way easier to keep track of 🙂

This is a promo mix of music that I will be playing at the next Drum Bass Entertainment event on May 5, in Toronto – The Return of 3 the Hardway Facebook Event Page

Drum Bass Entertainment Promo Mix


Next Drum Bass Entertainment Event – May 5

May 5, at Populous Nightclub, Toronto,Canada, Drum Bass Entertainment is back with an amazing event!

With a history dating back 20+ years, to the golden days of the Toronto rave scene, 3 the Hardway brings an elevated level of skill and experience to the mic, that you won’t want to miss. As three friends from Brampton, Ontario, 3 the Hardway came together by geography and their love of jungle/DNB and took the Toronto rave scene by storm. With some time spent apart on individual projects, they are now reunited and ready to kick ass once again.

“We all have stage presence and KNOW and UNDERSTAND the music and the culture. We appreciate the DJ and the party goers alike – We want to elevate the vibes not take away from it.” MC JD

Original 3 the hard way DJ
1998-2006 DnB Classics


$10 ENTRY / 19+/ DOORS OPEN @ 10PM

I have also done a promo mix in honour of the evnt


October 2016 News

It’s been a while since I updated this site, but summer was so amazing (and busy), it seems like one day it is July, and the next it is October.

But now the season of festivals and summer fun is behind us, it is time to get down to business.

New Mixes

I am currently working on a new melodic dnb mix, which I hope to have up next week on this site and my other online properties (Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Mixcloud)

In addition, I continue to work on the DJ Dallas Dee sound, which is my deep house/soulful dance music alias. I have set up a Soundcloud and Facebook page and just finished a new deep house mix that I will upload shortly (once I get the cover completed). This is a really fresh and exciting project for me and is a nice way to express some of my musical interests beyond dnb and bass music.

Upcoming Gigs

Excursion – hosted by Contraband Audio

Friday, November 2

Barrie, ON

Jocelyn Dee + Dexy G MC
Drum Bass Entertainment

Contraband / Gridlock Radio

Breaking Base
Contraband / Illegal_Records / BIGTING Entertainment
(Premiere Barrie Performance!)

Dubl R

Hosted by
C Dub– Contraband / NWSC

Purple Temple of Light Launch Party – hosted by Acid Reign Productions

Saturday, November 12

Toronto, ON

Mr Panda~~ Hybrid HC/DnB
Badwolf Productions~~Dallas, TX

C64~~Jungle Breakcore

Jocelyn Dee~~DnB/Jungle

DJ L~~DnB/Jungle
Frontline Ind./

Bosh Flimshaw~~Mindfuck DnB
Moonlab Productions~~Toronto

Purple Temple Flyer

Last Minute Liquid Funk Jam This Saturday at Lily Lounge

Due to events beyond our control, the Pure Fiyah event scheduled for this Saturday at Lily Lounge has been cancelled. But…Dexy G and I have decided to organize a last minute FREE liquid funk/soulful dnb jam upstairs at Lily instead featuring some of our talented friends and family.

If you enjoy vocals, piano, and sexy sounds in your dnb, then this is the night for you.

If you want to bring your girl out to a dnb night, but she is not into wobble or sweaty raves, then this is the night for you.

If you want to enjoy a fun night with your date and impress them with your sexy dancefloor grooves, then this is the night for you.

If you remember Sex In the City at Hooch and enjoy soulful dnb, then this is the night for.

Basically, this is the night to go to for your fill of liquid dnb. (If it goes well, we may do another one again.)

For the night we have a great selection of talent, all ready to play the best liquid funk, old and new:


Lily Lounge 656 College St.

13443052_1185052531526213_7696806170991829600_o (1)

New Ragga Mix for 2016


Did a new ragga mix and I’m vibin’ off it, so thought it best to share.


Never Find (Marcus Visionary Remix) – Jah Cure
Dub Room – Benny Page
Uprising (Serial Killaz Remix) – 2Nice
Born Inna Babylon (Instrumental Mix) – Run Tingz
Don Man Sound (feat. Tenor Fly) (Run Tingz Jungle Mix) – Capital 1212
Seek & Find – Junglefever
Ends Nah Meet (DJ GMC Remix) – Morgan Heritage
Amen in Session – Jinx in Dub
Sweet Sunshine (feat. Topcat)(Dossa Remix) – Run Tingz Cru
NuttinAgoSo – R Cola
Pass Me the Rizla (feat. General Levy & – Decline
Shine Eye Gal – DJ Panik & M Rode
Ragga Muffin – Ed Solo/Deekline
Skylarkin (DJ Obese Mix) – Dirty Dubsters
Bad Boys (Serial Killaz Remix) – Serum & Northern Lights
Bad Boys (feat Top Cat) – Deekline & Ed Solo
Rudy Bwoy – Isaac Maya
Don’t Give Up (Champian Remix) – Dub Fx
Took My Breath – Run Tingz Cru

New Content Being Added Hooray

Good news! I made a great discovery today.

I was cleaning out my desk at work and found an old USB stick with a bunch of content from my old website on it. I was super happy because after my disaster migrating hosts and back up drive failure a few years back I thought I lost everything.

I will be adding it to the site over the next few days.





Psst Guess Who’s Going to Start Producing Again

After spending time learning how to use my Pioneer DDJ-SR Controller with Serato to do live mixing and remixing as part of my DJ sets (or I guess we could say Controllerring sets – lol), I am inspired to start producing tunes again.


As part of using the controller I have been busy setting cue points for the songs in my library. As the library is fairly extensive, I have been doing it chunks at a time. Basically whatever tunes I put in my Serato crates for gigs I have been taking the time to set up all the cue points and make sure the BPM is set up. This allows me to use the autoloop, slicing, rolling, and sampler features on the controller.

Using the looping and cue points to do live remix stuff has got me thinking about song composition and phrasing and triggering my creative side to want to make new songs again. I have also been listening to some of my old tunes as I clean off my hard drive and realized they are not half bad.

So in the next few weeks I will be working to upgrade my computer to OS 10.10 and then upgrading to Logic X (although Logic 9 is working well so I may just keep it for a while). Then I will be making some time each week to create. I hope to have some new tunes ready over the next few months to share with y’all. Stay tuned!

Working with the controller at home



New Spring Bass Promo Mix

I am pleased to announce that I have put together a promo mix with Dexy G MC contributing his vocal talents as well, in anticipation of our upcoming Spring Bass event on April 18 at Tota (592 Queen St. W).

This mix is mostly soulful and funky. If you need some uplifting music to raise your spirits then this is the mix for you 🙂

Drum Bass Entertainment April 18 Flyer
Drum Bass Entertainment April 18 Flyer

Jocelyn Dee and Dexy G Drum Bass Entertainment Promo Mix – May 2015


  1. LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y. Rework)
  2. Nu:Logic – Everlasting Days (feat. Lifford)
  3. AJC – By Ure Side
  4. Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (Dexcell Remix)
  5. Logistics – Intervention
  6. Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Etherwood Remix)
  7. Zero T – Walk Away feat. Steo – Original Mix
  8. Roni Size – Strictly Social
  9. Delilah – Go (SPY remix)
  10. Schema – Dimensions – Original Mix
  11. High Contrast – Twilight’s Last Gleaming
  12. Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down – Original Mix
  13. S.P.Y – One Last Quest
  14. Chase and Status – Hurt You
  15. Krust – Jazz Note III (Total Science mix)
  16. Etherwood – Amen Roadtrip
  17. Camo & Krooked – Climax
  18. State of Mind – Bigger Faster Stronger
  19. Blue Sonix – Luv Me – Logistics remix
  20. SIGMA – Baltimore
  21. Future Cut – The Specialist
  22. Fred V & Grafix – Forest Fires (feat. Etherwood)
  23. Netsky – Your Way
  24. Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Etherwood Remix)
  25. Delilah – Go (SPY remix)

Happy New Year from Jocelyn Dee!

2014 has been quite a year for me personally, so I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2015 and a renewed focus on music. But I am so thankful for the great tunes of 2014 that provided inspiration amid the craziness.

Looking forward to seeing all of my close supporters at the Drum Bass Entertainment friends and family private jam tomorrow!

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