After spending time learning how to use my Pioneer DDJ-SR Controller with Serato to do live mixing and remixing as part of my DJ sets (or I guess we could say Controllerring sets – lol), I am inspired to start producing tunes again.


As part of using the controller I have been busy setting cue points for the songs in my library. As the library is fairly extensive, I have been doing it chunks at a time. Basically whatever tunes I put in my Serato crates for gigs I have been taking the time to set up all the cue points and make sure the BPM is set up. This allows me to use the autoloop, slicing, rolling, and sampler features on the controller.

Using the looping and cue points to do live remix stuff has got me thinking about song composition and phrasing and triggering my creative side to want to make new songs again. I have also been listening to some of my old tunes as I clean off my hard drive and realized they are not half bad.

So in the next few weeks I will be working to upgrade my computer to OS 10.10 and then upgrading to Logic X (although Logic 9 is working well so I may just keep it for a while). Then I will be making some time each week to create. I hope to have some new tunes ready over the next few months to share with y’all. Stay tuned!

Working with the controller at home